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White shampoo

White shampoo Once the bird has been washed as usual and before drying, apply the product as if it were washed again. Finally, keep the bird for a few seconds with the hand submerged in the water with the product. 20 ml to 500 ml of warm water.

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LOR Unifeed Canaries

LOR UNIFEED CANARIES I think UNIFEED L.O.R is a feed in the form of breeding paste for the feeding of canaries and other birds in a balanced cage that comes in the form of a single dish.

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Fungicide (disfa)

Fungicide Antifungicidal and detoxifying powder mixture to be incorporated in broiler breads and in seeds intended for feeding birds, as an inhibitor and preventive of the growth and proliferation of molds and yeasts. In this way, the biodegradation, nutritional characteristics, bad taste, bad smell, bad appearance and the formation of toxic secondary...

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Birdcage Gran Porte PEDROS

Birdcage exposure of birds of posture. Black lacquered, tray bottom in black. Measurements: 48 cm long x 33 cm high x 27 cm wide. It includes feeder, drinker and sticks.

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Germix Alas Blancas

GERMIX ALA BLANCA - SPANISH FORMULA Germix Ala Blanca - Spanish Formula Germix germinated seeds. Eliminates all problems related to the domestic preparation of germinated seeds, but retains the nutritional properties of fresh seeds germinated without change. Composition: black, peeled oats, white millet, sesame seeds.

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Greenvet Trico 20

Adjuvant food soluble powder suitable for treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis. If severe form is useful to associate with Apacox 20. Quantity: 100 grams. 1l water dose: 5-10g; per kg of feed: 10-20g. Directions: 5-7 days every 21 days.

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Raggio di sole TH lipo soft

Professional wet white paste without doré, extra quality for all types of birds especially for white canaries, mosaics and light colors generally avoids the undesirable color formation in the feathers, no colors, with flaxseed, elm, goatee and white millet, carry unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega-6 essential for proper functioning of the body...

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Blend 40/40/20 (disfa)

Blend 40/40/20 Brand DSM (formerly Roche) Pigmentant Mix to accentuate and intensify the red color of the ornament birds. Proportions: (40% Carofil, 40% Betacarotene and 20% Canthaxanthin) Dosage: 10 gr. / Kg of pulp. Presentation: 50 gr; 100 gr; 250 gr; 500 gr.

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