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Fungicide (disfa)

Fungicide Antifungicidal and detoxifying powder mixture to be incorporated in broiler breads and in seeds intended for feeding birds, as an inhibitor and preventive of the growth and proliferation of molds and yeasts. In this way, the biodegradation, nutritional characteristics, bad taste, bad smell, bad appearance and the formation of toxic secondary...

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Book "Mi Mirada" Antonio Javier Sanz

A visual journey through the color canariculture of the 21st century through the photographs that the author himself has I have been doing in important current prestigious championships and breeding sites, including the World Championship COM. of Matosinhos 2016 (Portugal). Most birds are champions of major competitions, including international, national...

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Refill CO2 Permanent Jbl

Refill JBL Permanent Test CO2 Replacement reagents for Test-Set JBL CO2 / pH Permanent water test that allows us to permanently measure levels of CO2 and pH in freshwater aquariums. The test to measure these parameters permanently between 9 and 12 months.

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