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Nutrient Plus (CHEMI VIT)

Special porridge for feeding passerine birds like canaries and goldfinches, etc. It is a rich concentrate prepared in proteins and other substances.

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Super White color (CHEMI VIT)

Intense White Chemi Vit contains substances that inhibit the production of melanins and intensify the white color of the feathers. Composition: Sugars, by-products of plant origin. Instructions for use: 10 grams per kg of brood paste or liter of water. White canaries from mating to the end of the molt. Mosaic: from mating to 40 days of age. Ensure that...

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Tribiotic (CHEMI VIT)

The first and only product in ornithology that simultaneously provides PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS AND POSBIOTICS; very useful to regulate the balance of MICROBIOTA (intestinal flora), whose alteration is the primary cause of many diseases in bird breeding. Stimulates the immune system, promotes the growth of good microorganisms (PREBIOTICS), provides...

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