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Quiko med

Quiko Med powder is a totally natural extract without any known side effect. Eliminates bacteria, coccidia and fungi from the intestines of birds. Composition: Each 100 grams of Quiko Med contains 5 grams of Aetheroleum origani (oregano). How to use: Therapeutic dose: 3 gr (one level measuring spoon, included in the package) per kg of seeds or brood paste...

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Quiko Med liquid 100ml

Quiko Med is a natural product made from extract of concentrated oregano oil. Thanks to the action of five active substances, Quiko Med inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella, E. coli, coccidiosis, fungi, vermes and streptococci, without harming the development of beneficial intestinal flora. In addition, its...

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Quiko Yellow Intense 50gr

Food supplement for cage birds that intensifies the yellow color of yellow factor birds. Prevents discoloration of yellow plumages. It can be administered in drinking water or in brood paste. Administration: 5 gr. in 500 ml of water or in 500 gr. of brood paste.

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