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Hepatox Total Pigeons Ibercare

Liver detoxifier Hepatox total. Indicated to protect and soothe the liver, especially after aggressive antibiotic treatment.   Regulates the intestines. - Restores intestinal balance. - Avoid diarrhea. - Solid stool.   Composition: -It is a safe and natural product, bio 100%, with: Agrimony, anise, St. Robert's herb, Strawberry tree, Lapacho rose,...

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Hexaplus Pigeons Ibercare

Hexa Plus for cage birds (broad spectrum disinfectant) Indicated if necessary to disinfect the digestive tract INDICATIONS - 100% effective in treating trichomoniasis - Eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses in drinking water - Can also be used to disinfect feeders, drinkers and various materials. - Diarrhea (both viral and bacterial) - Candidiasis.

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Oxygen Plus 30 ml Pigeons Ibercare

Nasal drops, improves performance and disinfects the respiratory tract. Indications: - Respiratory infections . - Trichomoniasis (chancre). - Clean the upper respiratory tract. - Highly effective treatment that improves performance and disinfects the respiratory tract - Cleanses the upper respiratory tract, thus facilitating a more fluid breathing that...

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