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Avicor Forte Cría Dival Hoyo

Composition: Bakery products, creams, oils and quick extracts of vegetable proteins, various sugars, minerals, seeds, milk and derivatives of milk. Vitamin A 9000 IU, Vitamin D3 600 IU, Vitamin E 6mg, Vitamin BI 3mg, Vitamin B2 3mg, Vitamin B6 1.5mg, Vitamin B12 0.008mg. Vitamin PP 6mg, Pantothenic Acid 3mg, Vitamin H 0.03mg. Iron carbonate 34mg, Sulfate...

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Avicor Forte Muda Dival Hoyo

Supplement for pasta in the molting phase. Contains vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, omegas, liver protectors and anti-itch. improves defenses of birds against stressful situations.   Its composition favors the development of a shiny and silky plumage, in addition to reducing the problems of pecking and cannibalism. Instructions for use: Administer 50g per...

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